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DJ Lance Rock Live Intro

This is a short video by Sukho used to introduce DJ Lance Rock of hit kids tv show Yo Gabba Gabba! at various live appearances from 2007 through 2008. This never aired on television, it was only for these shows as a way to prepare the audience for that moment when a character on TV becomes real. It was fun to watch this with an audience of Yo Gabba Gabba fans because they would cheer when they saw the boom box and when he transforms and chant along when he repeats the magic words. Most of the live appearances where this was shown were in rock club venues.

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Karappo City Blues

This is a Super 8 short film by Sukho made for Flicker LA’s annual Attack of the 50 Foot Reels in 2006. Attack… is a crazy film festival wherein the filmmakers receive a roll of Super 8 film, shoot it, editing in camera as they go, then return the roll with a soundtrack. No one sees their film until the night of the festival. Editing in camera means no editing after it’s shot, which means every shot has to be perfect – no 2nd takes. The cut you see here was re-edited later to fix a few things but mostly is unchanged.

Karappo City Blues stars Lun*na Menoh of Jean Paul Yamamoto and the main song is performed by her. Big thanks to the entire cast and crew for all their hard work and patience. In case it isn’t obvious, Lun*na is a big fan of Japanese 70s B-Movie star Meiko Kaji and this is pretty much a tribute to her and the type of exploitation cinema she was famous for. There was a recent U.S. feature that also borrowed heavily from her films – it even used a song from one of them – but consider this perhaps a bit more sincere and heartfelt than that feature.

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One Shot

This short film was shot on black and white 16mm way back in 1996. Written and directed by Jean Ibrahim, shot and edited by Kevin Sukho Lee, starring Lisa Saaf and Joe Bolan, featuring the voices of Boris and Lydia Kuniavsky. Never screened or entered in any festivals. This is kind of a spoiler but be sure to pay close attention or else you may miss the subtle difference between the two stories which affect their outcomes.

Note: this is a long one so hit pause and give it time to load please.

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The Secret Life of Cartoons

This is a cut down 4 minute “music video” version of The Secret Life of Cartoons, re-edited to a song by Foetus (which is actually a remix/cover of a Raymond Scott song called Powerhouse). The original version of this video was 19 minutes and featured live audio by Steev Hise. It was a collaborative project conceived and performed for a live multi-media event called Noise-a-Palooza II, held in Ann Arbor, Michigan on August 12, 1994 by the Ann Arbor Film Co-Op. Here again the video editing technique was the same Sukho used on The End Times video. However, this re-edit was done on an actual editing console as opposed to a VCR.

One interesting fact about this collaboration between Steev and Sukho was they did not see or hear what each other was doing until the night of the performance/showing. The only organization was a timing sheet where themes were agreed upon in advance.

Again, this is the shortened version and does not include Steev Hise’s audio – the full piece is probably too long to post here at this time.

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The Spo-it’s – Kung Fu Jesus

This is an early ’90s music video made by Sukho for a shock rock band called The Spo-It’s. The technique was similar to Sukho’s The End Times video – using two VCRs to edit two separate collages and mixing them together in a studio. The difference here is the use of not just found footage but live band footage as well.

By the way, if you are easily offended by nudity, bondage, etc. you may want to avoid watching this.

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The End Times

Here’s an old (early ’90s) video Sukho made using two VCRs and lots of VHS tape. Two collage tapes were edited and then “mixed” live at a studio, so the layering and juxtapositions are pretty much random – though occasionally there are some nice happy accidents. The only festival this was screened at was the very first Chicago Underground Film Fest back in 1994. It was also in conjunction with a short-lived cable access TV show in Ann Arbor, Michigan called The End Times. Maybe we’ll post some clips from that show at some point? It was a mix of live footage of underground bands, shorts made by underground filmmakers, and Sukho’s own video collage/cut-up video. The highlight of the show was getting angry callers to call in and denounce it.


Secret Society of the Sonic Six – Por Fin

Sukho Lee directed this music video for The Secret Society of the Sonic Six. Eight months in the making and shot entirely on 16mm film, this video is meant to emulate a 1970s Giallo film (Italian pulp suspense mystery genre). Cinematography by Jason Tosta and Steve Carter and lots of help from very generous friends: Sherry Spencer, Christian Tants, Matt Average (Matt’s production stills here), Victor White, Heather Heerema, Anthony Pellegrino, Barbara Radlein, Shawn Bennett, Erik Deutschman, Sandy Tosta, Jason Heath, Reverend Al, and Relah Eckstein.

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Harvey Sid Fisher – Oh My God (The Movie)

Sukho Lee directed this super8 film featuring none other than THE Harvey Sid Fisher! The music was written and performed by Harvey himself. Harvey is most famous for his Astrology Songs album and videos but he’s still around and he’s still writing and performing funny, clever, and insightful songs.

This premiered at the 2007 Attack of the 50 Foot Reels film festival hosted by Flicker LA in which none of the films are edited – just shot as is, in sequence, and turned in undeveloped. The soundtrack is turned in separately. All this requires you to keep track of every single shot and its duration in order to synchronize properly with the sound, and if you need to switch locations back and forth that means you have to physically go back and forth too. Oh, and there are no second takes.


The Parallelograms – Hurt Like a Heart Attack

Seksu Roba’s Sukho has been active making short films and videos. Here is a music video he directed for the band, The Parallelograms, for the song Hurt Like a Heart Attack from the current release, Adult Contemporary.

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Secret Society of the Sonic Six – Tracers

While Seksu Roba has been in hibernation, Sukho has been active making short films and videos. Here is a music video he directed for the unique and haunting L.A. band, The Secret Society of the Sonic Six, for the song Tracers.

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